Uprooted by Diosa

Uprooted by Diosa


12 x 16 - Acrylic on Canvas

At times you feel a stranger in the place you call home and other times, you find yourself in strange places that  feel like home. My pieces explore the themes of “identity” and “home” by considering the physical contexts (i.e. houses, bodies) in combination with ideations (i.e. “feeling” at home, “feeling” out of place) of the concept. Immigrating from Romania to the US at a young age, my personal concept of home was very fragmented. Growing up, my cultural identity was something that was dear to me but I struggled being proud of. My customs were peculiar and alien to the people around me, I was teased for not speaking English properly, and there was no place where I felt my Romanian identity was appreciated or welcomed outside of my home. It's a circumstance all too familiar for immigrants; the very thing that gives you a sense of community can simultaneously be the very thing that alienates you. Many of us are left to suspend our notions of ourselves and “home” in limbo. We never feel a sense of belonging in the states, and when we go back to where we came from we feel almost imposters at times wearing years of assimilation in place of where our roots have been severed.

Uprooted” I strive to depict the immigrant’s internal quest for home in the process of leaving behind everything they knew as such. We observe a gigantic figure rising from the floating chunk of Earth she was rooted in and peering confusedly at a house that she presumably removed from the village upon her back. This interaction is a metaphor for the struggles affiliated with developing a new understanding and concept of self and belonging in light of displacement.

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