Minni by Trina Maeby

Minni by Trina Maeby

  1. 12 x 16 - Acrylic on Canvas -

Trina Maeby (@trinamaebycrafts_) is a full-time artist and "Paint Your Pet Portrait & Sip" instructor living in the South Loop. She brings her traveling classroom to bars all over the city and donates a portion of all class ticket sales to local animal shelters/rescues. 

"For this series of paintings, I share my love of two things: Disney and weed. Growing up, my parents kept me in a tight Catholic household and Disney movies (and art) were my escape. These are just a few of my favorite characters when I was a kid. 

Despite the stigma around marijuana, just like anything else, it brings people together. This country has silly state boundary laws regarding weed. Instead of looking at the characters as being dilinquet potheads, they're just a group of friends enjoying a joint together. I hope this series brings both nostalgia and humor to its viewers. And for those who have never smoked marijuana before, I hope you can enjoy the artwork with an open mind.

And make it out to a state where it is legal." 

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